Authentic Danish Kringle

An artisan pastry of uncompromised quality
true to its Danish Heritage.

  • In 1949 Christian Olesen, an immigrant from Denmark, founded our bakery and began a commitment to taste and quality.
  • Every Kringle is hand crafted from scratch and finished one at a time.  We use the finest quality ingredients and make our own fillings using only the finest fruits and nuts we can buy.

  • Danish Kringle is now the Official State Pastry of Wisconsin, a testament to its deep rooted history in Racine.
  • Kringle comes in a variety of flavors (over 25), but the all time best sellers are Pecan and Raspberry.
  • Kringle makes a wonderful gift for friends and family, near and far.  We ship Kringle year round to make gifting Kringle easy, enjoyable and memorable for those you send it to - check out our Mail Order options today!
  • Enter our Win A Kringle contest for a chance to have a Kringle shipped straight to your door!  Winners chosen weekly!

Taste… Quality… Tradition

At Olesen's Family Bakery, these three words describe our way of baking. Taste our Kringle and we know that you will agree that there is no substitute for the quality that comes from a family tradition. The Olesen family legacy of baking started in Racine, Wisconsin in 1949.

Since 1949, we have strictly adhered to our labor-intensive, three–day Kringle making process in order to achieve a light and flaky textured pastry. At Olesen's Family Bakery, our master bakers pledge to continue to use the time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation while creating all of delicious bakery products.

For four generations we have been faithfully committed to baking quality Kringle and other pastries for you to enjoy and share. We strive to provide you with outstanding service that comes from family values and integrity.

Our family believes that building quality relationships is important and gifting Kringle is an uncommonly effective way to do just that.

We hope to be able to serve you and want to share with you our belief at Olesen's Family Bakery that many things may change around us, but we begin and end with family, friends, traditions … and Kringle.

The Olesen Family Guarantee

We guarantee you are going to love our bakery specialties — especially Kringle — from the first slice to the last bite. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products or service, simply contact us and we'll make it right.

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